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Sophisticated Brew – Executive Chef Scott Skomal’s Beer and Food Pairings

Submitted by Kathie Gonzalez on May 22, 2012 - 8:56am
Posted in Dining|Yard House

What goes better with a hot summer night than a cold, frothy beer? Maybe some food to nibble on while enjoying the brew! Executive Chef Scott Skomal recently provided our friends at Smart Meetings Magazine with his recommendations for the best food and beer pairings. You can find his suggestions on page 36 of the May 2012 issue here: Or, continue reading below for an excerpt. Warning: major temptations ahead, so don’t read this on an empty stomach!

Craft brewing has elevated beer to new heights. Beer sommeliers have appeared in fine restaurants to educate, consult and advise patrons on the complex subtleties of malts, hops and yeasts, but nothing more clearly indicates beer’s renaissance than the concept of pairings. Like wine, beer is enhanced by certain foods. Beer pairings can be a fun, educational addition to an event, and venue bartenders are a knowledgeable resource. Executive Chef Scott Skomal at Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel tantalizes taste buds with surprising combos.

Beer Float

Spiced whiskey ice cream and American black ale – yum. The Sheraton’s bourbon ice cream is the perfect float for the flavorful ale. Says Skomal, “The dark, chocolaty, molasses malt and ice cream create a milk shake or float any adult would be proud to order – straw and all.”

Amber Ale & Spanish Chorizo

Skomal suggests New Belgium’s Fat Tire. “The beer’s nuty, caramel flavor works with the smokiness of the chorizo, and its slight bitterness cleanses the palate.”

IPA & Seared Tuna

The clean hoppy flavor of a dry IPA leaves a zippy, tangy aftertaste, Skomal says. The beer’s subtle sweetness is perfect for the light, mild taste of tender tuna.

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